Title of Film: The Wind and the Whimpering
Country of Production: United Kingdom
Date of Completion: July 2021
Shooting Format: Arri 2k, 2048x1080
Duration: 33.18
Language: English
One-liner: An episode of lunacy with its fingers in the pies of English fantasticalism.  

Synopsis: Toad (Arlo Carter) is a humanoid amphibian who lives on the marsh with his Uncle Newt (William Wolfe Hogan). By day he sifts for gold, up to his knees in the water and reeds. Each evening he returns to their cabin to enjoy the bowl of mush that Newt has lovingly prepared for supper. Despite their familial routine, Toad and his uncle are far from comfortable. The monotony of his work has dried out Toad's taste for home comforts and he thirsts for an escape from the malaise. After being lured to a nest of blue heron eggs by Mister Weasel (Paul Brodie), Toad is startled by his impulse to gobble them up and an absurd investigation of reality ensues as he attempts to understand his place and purpose on the marsh. Fearing the imminent descent from gentlemen to beast, Toad and his uncle must learn to reconcile their existence lest they be lost in the mud for good.

(Poster created by Judyta Potocka)

Crossing the Screen International Film Festival
28th-30th January 2022
In competition

20th Asheville Fringe Arts Festival
25th-28th January 2022
In competition

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