Arlo Carter
Arlo Carter, 26, trained at the New York Film Academy and was named as an Emerging Brit in 2019. In 2021, he lead Misunderstood (dir. James Brierley) as well as working intimately in the development of projects at Roger Carey. Hailing from the West Country, Arlo has a unique appreciation for rural England and the characters found therein. His capricious boyishness on screen is a rare concoction and he is able to charm and unnerve in equal measure, often in the same breath.
William Wolfe Hogan
(Uncle Newt) 
William Wolfe Hogan has been working as a film and theatre actor for over two decades with notable roles in pieces ranging from the West End musical Fame to indy short Man Out of Time. A classically trained violinist, Wolfe has plied his trade performing musically with Bob Wills, Marc O’Connor and Jean-Luc Ponty among others. His angular frame and revealing blue eyes painted him as the perfect person to play the role of Uncle Newt and his experience embodying a character and above all looking for the honesty of the moment elevated Newt to a real and tangible place. He brought a paternal warmth which perennially complimented the despair lying at the pit of Uncle Newt’s stomach.
Paul Brodie
(Mister Weasel)

Born in Glasgow,  Paul moved south to pursue his ambitions of performing on stage. After a spell away from the craft, he began to concentrate once more on his artistic side, writing and directing short films with the group 'Team TV' before forming his own production company, RedBIT. With RedBIT Paul has won several short film competitions and has had his work shortlisted at various festivals as well as establishing the Reading Short Film Festival. His glaswegian guile and un-corkable charisma made him the obvious choice to play the elusive Weasel and he strode into the role without hesitation, bringing a ferocious energy perfectly fitting to the character’s position within the story.
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